What is HydroDaVE

HydroDaVESM is a managed service platform that enables environmental and water resources professionals and governing bodies to efficiently consider the totality of available data in their decision making processes.

Unique to the industry, HydroDaVESM is a comprehensive source of water resources and environmental information. HydroDaVESM : aggregates, vets and serves up environmental and water resources data from anywhere in the world, enables users to identify, explore and visualize static and time series data, enables users to analyze that data, enables users to share data and analysis, and enables users to make informed and defensible decisions based on the totality of the data. HydroDaVESM is a powerful source of information to construct surface and ground water models and to interpret their results.

HydroDaVE Solutions

Who Uses HydroDaVE

  • Dischargers
  • Public utilities
  • Private technical consultants
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Schools and educational institutions