HydroDaVE Features

HydroDaVE Managed Service is a secure, comprehensive source of environmental data accessible through a web interface.

      • Aggregates environmental data
      • Compiles that data into a relational database
      • Provides data access through an intuitive map-based interface
      • Provides analytics to explore the geospatial and temporal implications of environmental data

More Features

      • Display groundwater elevation, groundwater quality, and groundwater production data (tabular and spatial)
      • Display hydrographs; customizable line and point attributes
      • Export .csv, MS Excel, and .pdf files
      • Import data from existing databases
      • Dynamic zoom and pan features
      • Distance measuring tool
      • Well labeling at selected zoom intervals
      • Transducer data compression tool
      • Report generation
      • Display Piper diagrams
      • Other custom reports: Water Quality Standard
      • Exceedance Report, Water Quality Cross-Tab Report, etc.
      • Import and display project shapefiles
      • Attach files to each well (photographs, geophysical data, well completion reports, video surveys, etc.)
      • Collaborate with project team members through shared files